The Story of Kean Energy

Kean Energy was established in 2017 with the aspiration of delivering independent renewable energy engineering and advisory services with a team of experts. We wanted to give standalone businesses, solar companies and property developers access to highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers to execute their renewable energy project with confidence.

We want to communicate renewable energy to the general public in the simplest way possible. Our mission is to become the leading team of experts who work with businesses to reduce their electricity cost with cutting-edge renewable energy technology .

We are currently operating in Australia, the Philippines and Fijian Islands.

Renewable energy advice that is 100 % independent, based on 20 years of technical experience and rigour analyses

With over 20 years of industry and technical experience, we are able to offer engineering and advisory services that assists our customers make the right investment decision. Because we are 100% independent, customers can always trust that we act with integrity and guarantee all advice given, systems procured and assessment conducted, are independent and based on rigour analyses.

We offer broad renewable consulting capability including tender management, feasibility study, owner's engineer, economic modelling, technical due diligence, quality audit, testing and commissioning, project management and technical training. Our application expertise is also expansive, covering solar, energy story, demand side management, micro grids, rural electrication, hybrid systems and high voltage applications.


Our team of engineering consultants and executives have deep industry knowledge, technical expertise and over a decade of experience in helping businesses design, project manage, evaluate and assess renewable energy assets.
Avinesh Naidu

Avinesh Naidu

Founder & Director

Avinesh Naidu is one of Australia's most technically-sound engineer with almost 20 years of experience within the global renewable energy landscape. He has deep technical knowledge in the array of products and technologies available in the market and extensive experience in the whole project cycle - from complex electrical designs, to feasibility study, to the delivery of renewable energy projects.

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