Technical Assessment for Sydney Theatre Company.

Services: Technical Due Diligence; Quality Audit.

The Sydney Theatre Company (STC) has been en iconic establishment since 1978. Over the years, the Company has grown and facilities at The Wharf hasstood over 35 years of wear and tear.

For the past couple of years, STC has been planning a Wharf Renewal Project, with the aim of making much-needed improvements to the audience facilities and theatre-making spaces here on The Wharf.

In particular, the 1924 solar panels installed as part of the 2007 'Greening Project' required a technical and feasibility assessment to help inform how the panels will be affected after the revamp.

Kean Energy was engaged to:

  • conduct a detailed performance audit on the existing PV solar system installed;
  • analyse the current state of the assets including material ageing, panel degradation and safety checks;
  • provide recommendations on the actions on the solar system during upgrade and restoration works.
Housing Office

Quality Audit for 700 Aboriginal Housing in NSW

Services: Technical Due Diligence; Quality Audit.

Nearly 700 aboriginal housing properties in the Western New South Wales had Solar PV modules installed to their rooftops. Kean energy was engaged through the main contractor to undertake quality audit and system inspection at different phases of the project.

Kean Energy was engaged to:

  • audit 200 x solar rooftop systems to assess the installation qualify and confirm the installation complies with the Australian standards such as AS5033, AS1170, AS4777;
  • discuss with installers on the defects sighting and rectification process;
  • identify and advise the client of solar installation challenges around shading hazards, roof integrity, mounting systems and roof space constraints.

Feasibility Study for a 700kW rooftop solar at Fashion Spree Shopping Centre.

Services: Feasibility Study; Energy Modelling; Economic Modelling; Tender Management.

The Fashion Spree Shopping Centre is one of Sydney's newest factory outline located in Liverpool, Sydney, NSW.
Kean Energy conducted a comprehensive feasibility study of the shopping complex owned by Gazcorp. The intention of the client was to cost effectively reduce their monthly electricity bill with the lowest payback solutions and highest Return on Investment.

Kean Energy was engaged to:

  • analyse the electricity interval data and providing the most economical solar system for the site;
  • research the energy retail market for better energy use and demand charges options;
  • report all benefits to the client with solar addition including solar rebates, payback period, return on investment and tax benefits;
  • prepare full costing for solar for energy use reduction, energy audit, energy storage solution for demand charges reduction and power factor correction;
  • prepare a tender specification for EPC companies and managing the closed tender process.
Housing Office

Owner's engineer for a Stage 1 - 200kW rooftop solar installation at Fashion Spree Shopping Centre.

Services: Project Management; Tender Management; Quality Audit; Testing and Commissioning.

Following from the initial feasibility study, Kean Energy project managed the stage 1 of the installation at shopping complex owned by Gazcorp.

Kean Energy was engaged to:

  • ensurethe client got the most cost effective solution;
  • deliver the project within the agreed budget;
  • work through the grid connection approval process with Endeavour Energy;
  • manage the installation including water drainage testing post installation;
  • undertake quality audit on the workmanship of the installation;
  • write up the pre and post installation dilapidation report.

Solar and Energy Storage Concept Design for a Major Water Utility

Services: Technicai Due Diligence; Feasibility Study..

The Major Water Utility is owned by one of the State Australian govememnts. The utility provides world class water to over a million customers.

Kean Energy provided electrical engineering and solar design services to help a major water utility.

Kean Energy was engaged to:

  • develops concept design that integrated solar & grid scale energy storage including site application and technology evaluation;
  • contribute to technical design parameters for product selection e.g. solar panels, inverters and energy storage
  • conduct a Variable Speed Drive & Soft Starter product assessment for reduction in the in-rush current with water pumps;

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