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POSTED ON 20/08/2019

Homeowners – Ask these questions before buying a solar system

These are questions home owners should be asking the solar company before buying a solar system for their homes or buildings. Home owners interested in having a solar system on the roof gets the following from various solar companies. “The solar system is the cheapest price with Bloomberg tier 1 panels, 10 year warranty on inverter […]

BY Avinesh Naidu

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POSTED ON 27/05/2019

Things to check when buying solar panels for your house?

The deployment of solar panels in residential sector is at a all time high with good system pricing due to government incentive, low interest finance, market competition and high electricity tariffs. With the solar retailers hunting for any solar sales, price war and sneaky marketing require attention. How to make the right decision with solar. […]

BY Avinesh Naidu

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POSTED ON 25/07/2017

eArche solar panels performed at 87% performance ratio last September

eArche is a new and innovative solar panel launched into the global market by Dr Zhengrong Shi. It has passed international and local standards same as conventional panels. How good is this panel, Let’s compare……. A 72 cell conventional 325W solar panel, it is made up of silicon cells, tempered glass, anodised aluminium frames and weights no less than 22Kg

BY Kean Energy